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The Team

Our NGO is managed by a team of our University and High School students. This enables them to gain knowledge and practical experience!! Their roles rotate, so they all have an opportunity to benefit from our unique structure and all students are paid for the work they do.

Senior Leadership Team
Junior Leadership Team
Education Team
Volunteering Team
Finance Team
Community Service and Family Support Team
Marketing Team
HR Team
New Student Selection & Integration Team
Project Y
Management Team
Project G
Management Team
Project R
Management Team
Project V + Project B Management Team
Senior Student Advisors 
Aviv Palti

Based in Melbourne, Aviv provides leadership and direction to the NGO team. Aviv is the CEO at Lifestyle Brands, one of Australia's leading marketers of photographic, stationery and home decor products, with worldwide distribution channels.

Jessica Palti

Also based in Melbourne, Jess assists the NGO team in all projects - providing mentoring, advice and marketing material. Jess is the Marketing and Design Manager at Lifestyle Brands International.

Linne Yun

Based in Siem Reap, Linne acts as a local Advisor to our NGO, providing us with his knowledge and guidance in all matters regarding the managing of local customs, relationships and governance issues.


Linne studied at Macquarie Univeristy in Sydney, Australia, and has held roles at Angkor University and the Children's Hospital in Siem Reap. His involvment in our NGO, like all the rest of us, is on a voluntary basis.

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