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Rotaract Club of Siem Reap

The Rotaract Club of Siem Reap was chartered in August 2022 with 54 CRST students as charter members. The club has an independent Board and has plans to recruit non-CRST members by inviting their university friends to join volunteer activities and introducing them to the Rotary organisation.

As of August 2022, CRST projects are carried out by CRST students, many of whom are Rotaractors. The students and Rotaractors promote the objectives of each project and activities may be posted on social media for both CRST and RACSR. The projects are all focused on social impact and benefit, neither CRST nor Rotary own the projects or derive benefit from them.

The Rotaract Club of Siem Reap members already have extensive knowledge of community needs assessment processes, project planning, delivery and reporting. Current and future projects will continue to be supported by CRST, Rotary Clubs and Rotarians, led by leaders of social change in Cambodia – these include CRST students, Rotaractors, their friends and other interested collaborators.

The Club is co-sponsored by the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Metro and Rotary Club of Bangkok, and the Rotary Passport Club of Melbourne takes on a mentorship role.


CRST & RACSR Projects


Project B

Bicycles for Education

Bicycles for Education, helps break the poverty cycle by making it easier for students in rural Cambodia to get to school.

Children often start school later in life as they need to be strong enough to walk the many kilometers to school. By providing them a bike, kids can start school earlier and are more likely to stay in school for longer. 

We asses and then deliver second-hand bicycles to qualified rural students who need bikes to get to school. We also travel to rural schools multiple times a year with our Mobile Bike Mechanic program (MBM), assisting to repair bikes for all students in need.


Project L

Light for Education

This exciting project launched in 2022. After receiving 2,400 solar study lights from SolarBuddy, we have begun distributing them to students at remote, rural schools!! By distributing these solar study lights, we are encouraging students to continue learning and prepare for a brighter future.

We will be raising awareness about energy poverty by distributing solar study-lights to empower Cambodian students' education.


Project R

Plastic Education Program

Single-use plastics are devastating Cambodia’s environment so we’re doing something about it. This is an environmental program that incorporates several key factors to ensure sustainability, longevity and replicability.  We have formal support and cooperation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Ministry of Environment.

We are making our way through high schools in Siem Reap teaching these lessons and distributing organic cotton bags. To date we have educated over 17,000 students with a total aim of reaching 40,000.


Project g

Empowering Girls

Founded in 2018, Project G Empowering Girls together with Days for Girls International are focused on bringing women’s health education and sustainable feminine hygiene solutions to girls in rural Cambodia, our lessons cover puberty, self defence and human trafficking.

Our Project G kits are sewn and packed in our sewing workshop in Siem Reap by our team of students and 5 professional seamstresses and are then distributed for free to all high school girls who go through our educational lessons.


Project T

Trees for Life

Many communities in Siem Reap province are living on desolate land and streets with little or no vegetation. Research shows that planting trees improves people’s wellbeing and the environment as a whole.

By planting semi-mature trees that are fast growing, maintaining them and watering them during the dry season, we are bringing nature back to barren lands and streets in Siem Reap province. Working together with disadvantaged communities, we identify the areas most in need of shade and environmental benefits from trees.


Project W

WASH for Education

Project W WASH for Education brings clean, safe drinking water to high schools as well as hygiene and sanitation solutions.

57 out of 90 high schools in rural Siem Reap province do not have clean drinking water for their students. Our aim is to change that by installing BioSand water filtration systems that will support 40,000 students and 20,000 families living around the schools, providing clean water to 130,000 rural Cambodians. 

5 water filtration systems have been installed so far, as well as new toilets and eco incinerators being istalled into these schools.


In the media

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collaborating Rotary clubs

SPONSOR A Global rotaractor scholar

High impact, proven and well managed program

Significant Rotary and in-country support

  • The Rotaract Club of Siem Reap was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bangkok and the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Metro, supported by Rotary Passport Melbourne and CRST

We choose the best young people for the program. Each Rotaract student is carefully vetted and qualified

  • Bright student with high grades

  • From poor rural family

  • Basic/foundation English

  • Already contributing to society

Affordable and impactful…

  • Sponsoring a Scholar costs US$3,000 per annum over a maximum of four years, enabling the sponsored Rotaractor to graduate with a Bachelor Degree

  • Impact lasts for generations, by breaking poverty cycles through higher education and implementing sustainable social development projects 

...and you will be helping to grow Rotary in Cambodia

  • The future of Rotary is the next generation of People of Action and Asia-Pacific is a growing frontier for Rotary

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