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Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • Melbourne, Australia

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Project R

CRST’s Environmental  Initiative 


Over 100 million plastic bottles are discarded in Cambodia every year...


Over 10 million plastic bags A DAY are used in Phnom Penh alone...


In major urban centres, local authorities collect rubbish, including plastic, and send it to landfill. In rural Cambodia, plastic waste either lays on the ground for years or gets burnt. A stunning countryside that’s polluted with plastic that no one wants...


Project R is CRST’s ‘Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Plastic for Education’ program - providing scholarships to rural high school students, as a reward for becoming Environment Ambassadors!!


Project R includes environment education in rural high schools and villages, leading to the collection of plastic for recycling!!

  • Education Sessions – Researched and qualified information about environmental issues caused by plastics and possible solutions for the issues we identify

  • Education Vouchers – Rewarded to rural students and families in exchange for collecting and sorting plastic bags and bottles. Vouchers will be used by rural students to pay for their extra classes and CRST will exchange vouchers for cash to rural teachers

  • Refillable Water Bottles – CRST and Project R branded bottles displayed and sold at Project Y

  • Free Water Refill Stations – Free water refill stations at Project Y and from CRST’s office

  • Recycling Machine – Imported from Australia to produce a variety of useful materials and products from recycled plastics. The recycled plastic is then provided back to the local villagers to weave into matts, baskets and other functional products which they sell to supplement their income, thereby providing a full cycle from trash, to education, to economic sustainability!!