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Social Work, Anxiety and Depression Workshop

Pheak and Veun run the workshop to our students on Friday the 15th of November from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

Topic: Social Work, Anxiety and Depression Workshop Thanks Veun and Pheak for running the useful workshop to our students. 

1. They both dress professional and they done great job of sharing their knowledge to our students and students ask a lot of questions and they got involvement. 2. Pheak and Veun divided part to talk and we have time for relax after relax we all have group that has three members in the group. Each group need to swop with each other to be the social worker, person that have problem that hard to solve, and the notice person to social worker explanation and body language.   3. Students seem like this role play. The presenter asks them to talk about other people story (not their own or personal story) but a student cry after talking about it, so we do not know why a student cry, maybe it touch the heart about the problem. 4. After that, Veun do the conclusion, so Pheak and Veun asked students if there are any more questions. 5. We run workshop at office because we thought that at Project Y, we will not get all students sit on the chair as it is long time to do the workshop.

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