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2016 Report and 2017 Plan...!!

As you will go through for the details below for the GREAT year of 2016 as well as some photos below, we have done together many amazing things!!

  • New student selection - 20 students were selected among 300 candidates which we normally select between 8-10 students for the previous years- double increased.

  • Mr. Kut Sey, English teacher - He is a professional teacher. He is one of the best teacher in SR, and now he becomes our English teacher.

  • Computer Class - Our first generation 14 students just finished Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point taught our managers, Doeb, Sreng and Rith.

  • 6. CRST Business School - Our Uni students and others were trained by mentors from Australia.

  • Social Worker - We have a social worker to meet our student individually and help them with anything they need.

  • Food Recipe & Student Profile - Get the students photos, background, and a kind of food with recipe from the family.

  • Sharing Club - Every Friday the students in this club meet and practice their English by sharing their knowledge and experiences.

  • PY Football Team - We form a football team called Project Y Football Team supported by Project Y to play against other PUC teams.

In 2017, we are planning a lot of new projects and opportunities for all students to be involved in!! As you see our commitment in each department, after meeting among managers, we BELIEVE that we ALL can do as the plan for 2017. We will break down the into the details while we do it and keep communicate with you for the regular basis approval with reports. And we will go through this when next week when you are here...!!!

We would like to say THANKS from our hearts to some people - Aviv, Michelle, Jess, Aaron, Steph, Melissa, Abdul, Alex, MJ and Linne who always advise and give such good guidelines with good decision making for management team. All of you have spent your value time to train and correct us, especially you Aviv and Jess...!!!! You play a very important role for us. You have spent a lot of time to communicate with us in order to achieve these activities above and make sure that CRST is on the right vision and mission. We know that you work VERY HARD to help our lives and society BETTER and BETTER..!!!

At the same time, as a manager of CRST, I would like to APPRECIATE all of managers, Doeb, Veun, Sreng, Rith, Vanndet, Pech, Rady, Roeun, Synich, Chanrong, and Barang who do an excellent job to complete the mission of 2016 and plan for the year 2017 now.....!!!! And welcome to Pisean and Sineang to join us as the management team in CRST. We will work together as a quote "All for one, one for all". All of you are best machines for CRST. I would like to say thank you so much from my bottom of my heart to all managers. I know that you not just only work as the responsibilities, yet you care about our students and CRST as a whole to make sure we can walk with improvement and be the BEST we can be...!!!

Again on behalf of all members and Cambodia society, I would like to show our respectful, grateful, and thankful for all of you involved in CRST for your GREATEST kindness and COMMITMENT in supporting us. WE believe some of us will be the entrepreneurs in the future through PUC and the training and teaching you have provided and keep giving us more...Then everyone can BREAK THE POVERTY CYCLE THROUGH EDUCATION...under your support...!!!!!

A note from Aviv:

Wow, this has become an annual highlight........ :-)

Of course none of us can remember all that we have done, all that we achieved and all whose lives we touched...... So thank you for the thorough job, as always, ensuring we don't overlook any of OUR AMAZING ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE PAST YEAR!!! :-)

On behalf of my family and the team in Australia, thank you all for the love and dedication YOU ALL share and show our students. Being the best means working with the best - and we are blessed to have THE BEST LEADERSHIP TEAM in our NGO!!!!! Thank you for a wonderful 2016 and looking forward to 2017!!!

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