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March 2016 - Clean Up Siem Reap

On 8th of March was International Women's Day and CRST students worked together to clean and collected the rubbish along Siem Reap and the other roads.

This activities also joined by many hotels and some of other NGOs in Siem Reap under the topic Clean Environment brings healthy society and order. We did this to show other people model and to help them understand that when one society lives with bad atmosphere, that city surely will have more illness.. The pollution of plastic and smoke are not only problems in Cambodia, but to the world that uses them without thinking long term use. From what I believe is that most Cambodian people still do not understand how important it is to get rid of rubbish and which rubbish can we recycle and which we cannot.

We started from 7:30am to 10am from our office till Iron Bridge close to Amansara Hotel, and then from this hotel at the west side of the river to Old Market.

Our students did a great job because we all understand that it is important. We know that it is important to keep away from bad smells and sickness through wearing mask, gloves, and get rid of the rubbish in the right way.

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