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November, December 2014 - Painting, Community Service

This month, we made a good plan for our monthly community service that is a new experience for our students, and we know that our students can learn from this activity.

The Purpose: we have a plan to paint an old building in Laork Village. This building is very important to the villagers there. They use this building in different ways such as meeting place for the villagers, school for children when other NGOs come to teach about health, hygiene, and other subjects, and they use it for celebrating some ceremonies in the village. For instance, funeral and others.

The reasons: there are several advantages from painting this building. Firstly, we can help our society to have a finished building and make the building looks beautiful. Secondly, it is very good for the small children¹s emotions, for the great building can make them want to learn and happy to learn.

The requirement: We need $100 for paints, $20 for material, and $40 for our lunch. In total, we need $160 to run this activity.

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